The Dead Ends and Miscommunication of Action Scenes.

Action scenes are difficult to shoot. For directors, camera crew, cinematographers, cast and just about everyone else. Action scenes in big blockbuster films are even harder to shoot as thats where all the money is riding on. 

With this in mind, i'd love to tell you about the problems action scenes in blockbuster film present. 

For this post, I will be using Captain America: Civil War and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as examples. 

On a personal note, despite the insane amount of hard work was put into the action scenes of Civil War, It fell short in many areas (for me). 

Action that never ends, ever.

I would like to consider myself as a very generous movie critic. VERY generous. I can do with a shabby edit here and there, i can live with missed focus, i can still stay mentally sane over a questionable set of shots that are composed in a unfitting manner. However, I cannot stand hollywood action scenes that just go on, and on, and on. 

The funny thing about action scenes is the fact that they are meant to be fairy short in retrospect. Whenever something thrilling happens in life, its usually short lived, or else, its no longer thrilling. Why on earth we needed to see Captain America and co run after Bucky and the Black Panther, I will never know. It gets to the point where you just think "can you just tell me whats happening?". 

That is a very bad spot to be. 

Action Scenes that don't REALLY mean much. 

Now this is highly debatable, in fact this is the main bone of contention. Action scenes that seem pointless. It makes an insurmountable amount of sense for the BIG fight in the avengers to take place. (Side question, why was the airport empty?) 

However, it felt like the producers and the team behind the film wanted to just show off the set and show off the action for what it is. Spiderman was a very welcome addition, other than that, the scene DRAGGED. It felt predictable and stale. There was some nice dialogue here and there, however, not enough to really stop me from wanting to walk out at nearly every turn.

Nothing felt real. Nothing felt like there was anything on the line. If Captain America or even Spiderman dies, who cares, we're just gonna see the same end result anyway. 

This was not the case with Dawn of Justice. 

The action felt real, the pain in Bruce Wayne's eyes as the tower came down on a multitude of people, the look of disgust in his face during his first encounter with the Man of Steel. IT'S ALL REAL. The fight, the possibility of death, EVERYTHING MATTERS. This isn't a fight for mere ego and vengeance for vengeance sake, this is real. 

To bring this to a somewhat abrupt ending, it's imperative to note that on a personal level, i was greatly disappointed by Civil War as a whole and greatly impressed by Dawn of Justice. 

Dawn of Justice took things more seriously. Much better in my opinion. 

Tell me what you think below?