Technical firepower + skill

As of late, i have come to further grips with the lack of need that i personally have with 'great video gear'. 

I have come to realise that the technical skill and ability of a photographer/film-maker should inform their practice; not so much so to the point where their practice is a living embodiment of their technical skill as opposed to their eye. 

It has often time been said by many amateur film-makers that they would be outclassed by people like Martin Scorsese, Roger Deakins, David Fincher and more if given sub-par equipment to shoot with, over the more advanced equipment used in cinema today. Although this is stated in many a places, many a times, we still often time lust over the new 4K sensors that are coming out. We still covet the low light capabilities of newer sensors in cameras and so forth and so on. 

Although it does help to have better gear (hence why we call it better) we should never forget the days of low rated and not so clean film. The days where film-making and photography were largely limited to working professionals and so on, and even then, the equipment wasn't great.

There are however a myriad of film based technologies that can often time surpass our current digital equipment, but i digress and more of that on a later post.

If you wish to learn and develop your skills on becoming a better film-maker, have a look at these channels below (thank me later)