The Case for Photography: What does it change? Why do we need it?

Photography is HUGE. It's undeniable that it has taken over social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and obviously Instagram. I could pull up stats and facts about how many images are uploaded in a single minute on the internet, i could somewhat amaze you with the ludicrous amount of combined likes images get per minute across all social media platforms, however, this post is not about that. 

It's about the effect of photography, and if we do, why do we need it?  

Photography is hardly ever questioned in terms of its use in today's society, however, its impact is subject to being questioned (like many other art forms). Which often time begs the follow up question, what does photography change? 


Surprisingly and unsurprisingly, with the invention of photography, we have the ability to capture a still frame of time and have it recorded for the ages to come in a subjective/objective manner. There are many a tragic events that have occurred in the past that have been captured and remain with us today. Most importantly, i speak of the works of Robert Frank and Don McCullin. 

I suggest you look up both of their images. You'll see what effect they have on your thoughts on who we are in a political and social sense.