Thomas Strüth Gallery Visit: Marian Goodman Gallery

Gallery Visits:


Photography exhibitions can be a gateway to new outlooks to an old practice. Although still young in age, photography itself has taken on every style/flavor that most would deem possible. However, upon visiting Thomas Strüth’s exhibition I was welcomed with a rougher; more traditional outlook on photography as a whole. His images represent a ‘war time presence’. His images of desolate places strike me as hyper observational.

The image above here is one of many images that feature/suggest an ‘absent’ atmosphere. The mechanical complexity induced with the simple composition allows the viewer to ‘marvel’ at the image itself and overlook the fact that they are looking at an image. This allows for a more immersive experience. The images in this exhibition were all shot with a 5x4 camera. 5x4’s are known to give a certain quality of depth and overall large image quality that many other sensor sizes can not.  

  The vast emptiness of the exhibition space was a factor that made me (in addition to other viewers) feel the emptiness of some of the locations that Thomas Strüth decided to shoot. Contextualizing your work can add a great level of detail to the work as a whole.