Fine Art Portrait Shoot

I recently undertook a fine-art portrait shoot in the woods. This shoot was VERY different to what i would usually do. I’m a fashion, event and more of a commercial photographer if anything. However, i relished the challenge and undertook the shoot.

I met with the model and her friend at the Luton train station. This was ideal as the location was a taxi drive away.

The equipment that I used was my trusty 5D Mark III and the Carl Zeiss 85 T* F1.4. I used a reflector and my speedlight with a stand also.

The location that i used to shoot the images was at Dallow Downs. The location allowed for great lighting as the tress diffused the light and gave of a very natural mellow look to the images.

Editing Process

After the shoot, I adjusted the images later in post. I used Adobe Lightroom as it’s a trustworthy editing program with a simple and incredibly intuitive layout and operation style. The images didn’t require a great amount of retouching. I’m more of a purist when it comes to my editing also. I like to keep things natural in addition to that i ALWAYS attempt to get everything as perfect in camera as possible as this makes the editing process 10x easier and the shoot more challenging  and fun.