Posing models and first Fashion/product shoot experience

I recently had the opportunity of working alongside Meliuss Bags for a project that involved several models and products from the Meliuss product range. 

The models that featured in the photoshoot were not professional but in my personal opinion they exceeded every expectation that i had prior to the shoot. That's not to say that i expected poor results from them, i just didn't expect them to be so professional in their approach and workflow. 

Shooting started at 7:20am. The first shots were basic and mundane, naturally. As we progressed onto the the next location the models came out of their "shell" and so did I. The poses became a lot more dynamic and i started to gain confidence which allowed me to mold the models into the poses that i felt best appreciated their features and styles. This was no where near as difficult as i felt it would have been as the models were very professional and showed great dedication to move on forward with the next poses/shots. 

The product shots were a great success in addition to the models. The product shots were a fair amount of fun to take as it allowed me to be creative and place them in unusual places that are appealing to look at. 

Overall the fashion/product shoot experience was great. I learned a great deal about fashion/product/commercial photography which will greatly aide me in the future for later shoots. Great experience overall.