Creativity in the workplace

Creativity in the work place is a fundamental aspect to good outcomes. Creativity is the key to problem solving. Chase Jarvis himself once said on his talk show "creativity meets science, makes the wheel".  Creativity is the well spring of all the things around us, regardless of size or stature. So if creativity is such a vital part to human life, why the segmentation from society? 

First and foremost i would like to explain what creativity REALLY is. Creativity isn't about being an artist or a musician or film-maker. It's far more than that. It's what makes great problem solvers great problem solvers. It's what made Shakespeare what made him Shakespeare. Creativity is what makes the world, well, the world. 

Children are taught at an early age that they are either creative or not. This is done through the use of peer pressure and other elements of young child life. You're either a sporty kid or a quite and shy painter like child. You're either a musician, or a dizzy mathematician. We have forever categorised ourselves into small groups that define our future from early age. What's worse is that this continues on from childhood and reaches adulthood. This is where the most damage is dealt. For example, there are many people who will relate to not being skilled at a certain aspect of "creativity" from childhood which has now resonated into their day to day adult life. A scenario that best matches this description is this. 

A man who once aspired to be a world class musician was once told to "stop dreaming" and "smell the coffee". Through constant (yet normal) trial and error he stops chasing his dream and takes up a mundane job that is accepted by society and his stereotypical gender role which leaves him insanely unhappy.

That is a very basic and rough example of the impact of not carrying through with creativity. Nether less the point is proven. The void between what is seen as education and creativity is widening. This WILL have drastic measures on our future as a world. This is a strange statement to make as the whole world operate through some medium of creativity. My life as a photographer revolves around this. It's how i create the timeless images that i create. It's how i put a mark on the world. It's how we all live our lives to the fullest. Yet still here we are telling the younger generations to follow "achievable dreams". 

Creativity in the work place has found many solutions for world problems across the whole world. It's time we take it serious.