Fashion Shoot - First Studio Shoot

It's been a fair while since my last blog post, but all in good in reason, i promise. 

Apologies aside its been a fairly overwhelming year in terms of work. I have had many a success' and little to no failures this year. The failures that i had undergone were all learning curves for myself and my business. 

I recently shot a fashion studio session (first time) For Meliuss. A fashion brand based in Luton and London. The session consisted of the same models from the last shoot in addition to a plus one. 

Some of the images can be viewed HERE on my Facebook page, and on my "Recent Activity" page in addition to my instagram page. The video is available to watch on YouTube also.  

The shoot was largely successful and consisted of a video/interview. The entire video excpet for an interview shot was shot by my work colleague. The edit was then however left to me. What a joy. Truly, editing videos can be a refresher once you've edited nothing but images for a year straight.

My first shoot in a studio environment was exhilarating. I cannot fault or take away any credit from my mentor as well as my crew on the day of the shoot. I can only hope for more opportunities like this in the near for-seeable future.